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« MENROKU ramen» has been a specialist in duck ramen in Japan since 2016, its Japanese/French fusion ramen offers an original, high-quality elegant cuisine that can be enjoyed as a popular dish.  After the successful opening of numerous stores in Japan, Menroku ramen is seeking to open franchises all over the world and is looking for partners capable of transmitting the brand’s values. If you want your new store to be a crowd pleaser, join the Menroku team!


here are some benefits of joining the menroku team

*  more than 15 years of experience in the restauration industry
*  a dozen of restaurants opened in Japan
*  fashionable store design
* personal contribution, entry fee and royalties are negociable
* expected profit in the second year after opening
* healthy, quality and trendy cuisine
* possibility to travel to Japan
* network on a human scale
* friendly versatile and competent team
* a selection of candidates focused on « human values »
* a support offering structured and effective training
* ongoing support anytime you need it


Menroku ramen started as a small store in Hirakata City, Osaka, Japan on 2016. With the original theme of finding the perfect combination between duck and ramen, the owner, Matsunaga-san, who has a slightly unusual background – trained at a ramen restaurant in his student days and later trained as a French chef – serves delicate and delicious duck ramen with carefully selected ingredients.

Menroku ramen has French elegance and delicacy but can be enjoyed as a popular dish. This is an exquisite balance that makes Menroku ramen very unique.

In 2018, Gion Duck Noodles, a second store based on the same duck ramen concept with only emoji was opened in Gion, Kyoto. This foreigners friendly new store goal was to share an authentic ramen experience to customers from all over the world. It became an instant success and due to its uniqueness, it is supported by many customers, has received high ratings on online restaurant review sites, has received numerous interviews on TV and magazines, and became Japan number 1 top selling stores in eating and drinking establishments category in 2023.

Since then, other stores are born but Menroku goal hasn’t changed – to introduce the authentic ramen experience to customers from all over the world.

Menroku ramen is designed for ramen lovers, but not only! We of course make Ramen the traditional way, but we want we to take our ramen to the next level to make our customers travel in a more intense and unforgettable experience.

Join us to be a part of Menroku family and grow together.


No need to come from the restaurant industry to be a franchise candidate. The qualities desired in our candidates are management, commercial and above all business manager qualities, mastering all aspects linked to the functioning of the life of a commercial entity.

Each franchisee manages his restaurant, his team, and ensures customer satisfaction, by promoting human, friendly and respectful relationships.

* The commercial soul: the way of welcoming our customers is essential for Menroku group and must be provided by the franchisee. The customer comes looking for perfection, and we seek their satisfaction and loyalty.

* Sense of management: managing your team with kindness is one of the cornerstones of Menroku philosophy. You must know how to listen to your employees, help them develop, involve them in current decisions and ensure their continued training.

* Administrative and financial management: the success of the project also depends on precise control of results and careful attention paid to all administrative aspects linked to the company.

*  Mastery of techniques: the franchisee will also be trained in all the techniques related to the preparation of ramen in our central kitchen at Osaka, our shops in Kyoto or in the city the  franchisee want to open a new Menroku shop.

*  To have fun at work is our serious goal at Menroku so we want you to have FUN developing and opening your Menroku new restaurant.


Menroku offers a complete start-up pack for the franchisee : In addition to providing a graphic and architectural charter and a know-how manual, we help you find your site, find partners, recruitment assistance. This is an initial service package that allows you to move forward very quickly in opening and managing their restaurant. A one-month initial training covering all aspects of managing a point of sale with the Japanese Menroku staff is included.


We will help you on all subjects that concern your restaurant, you will have ongoing training and advice.


* Initial management training and ongoing business and operations consultation.

* Access to corporate management team 24/7 in English, French or Japanese language.

* Ongoing support for your management team.

* Ongoing support for the entire term of your agreement.

*  Store design and consulting assistance

*  Site selection assistance

* Comprehensive training for you and your management team

* Opening support (pre and after opening)

* Weekly online meetings

* Quarterly Operational Assessments

* Social Media and website development assistance

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